It all starts from roots.

Constant research is written in our DNA. From the «elegance of everyday» to «advanced contemporary».

Strong, solid roots.

Just like those of our family, which generation after generation has transformed a passion for “clothes” into what is now PT Pantaloni Torino.

A brand which has made pants a must in men’s wardrobes, a veritable object of desire, giving the product that natural elegance typical of a city like Turin, which makes style an added value.

“We make pants and nothing else,
better than anyone else.”

We make our pants taking inspiration from men and women who want to express their unique style by wearing elegant clothes with a great personality.

A unique product which defines the distinctive individuality of our customers.

An exercise in style combined with the search for the right balance between experimentation and elegance, without exaggeration.

We design them, produce them and distribute them to the best store windows of the world.

“With total dedication, without
compromises and without distractions.”

Quality is a coherent language permeating every aspect of the product and the company to create a unique harmony.

From the constant development of raw materials in cooperation the best Italian and foreign weavers, to continuous study of styles and ceaseless attention to detail, all aimed at achieving top quality.
From production processes which have no place for imperfection, to the attention paid to aspects such as labelling and packaging.

An integrated system,
dedicated rigorously
to pants and absolute quality.

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