Denim Stories

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Unleashing creativity on the blue canvas

There is something unique to denim, something about the way this material of humble origin manages to live with us and change through time, accumulating stories and signs upon itself to the point of becoming lavishly rich in aesthetics and significance. This partly explains why it’s always so hard to let go of our favorite jeans and replace them with a new pair, whose story is yet to be written.

Thread, cotton, indigo, water, shape

The embroidered logo on our men’s jeans pays homage to the five essential elements of denim. Everything begins with a blue canvas, then creativity sets in. First the washes: every season, we explore the whole spectrum with light and aggressive stone and sand washes and bleaches. Then, the decorations: tears, rips, prints, laminations, paint splatters mixed and matched with manufacturing precision and a little playfulness. Finally, the details: color-contrasting stitchings, copper buttons and zips, embroideries and tags that define the character of every collection, telling a little story about denim and about us.

At PT, we strive to make jeans that already have a story to tell

Whether it’s a story about how denim itself is made or the way we transform it, there is always an angle, something to relate to – a particular, a shade, a decoration. We have been making trousers for a long time and our jeans are steeped in our own heritage as well as into the denim heritage. We select only the best American, Japanese and Italian denim fabrics and enrich them with groundbreaking treatments and washes. We devote a lot of time and focus to developing unique features, the perfect fit and those tiny details that make a pair of jeans truly luxurious.


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