Nothing Like The Draper

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Born in Turin, raised in Britain, quintessentially dapper

Born out of the crossbreeding of the glorious Italian sartorial tradition with the exquisite taste of British fabrics of the highest quality, the Draper is our most sophisticated style, epitomizing dapperness at its best.

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A piece of sartorial engineering made from the finest British fabrics

The Draper is named after the old-time profession of the fabric merchant, which is also a reference to our own roots: back in the 1950s, before making trousers, our company used to specialize in selling superb cloths. Leveraging PT’s heritage and knowledge in terms of textiles, every season we select the finest British fabrics and pair them with our most gentlemanly fits and accurate details. Featuring outstanding patterns and a firm hand, these carefully selected materials lend themselves to some pretty unique cuts: high-waist fits, extended waistbands, long closures and perfectly engineered pleats. This season, the range includes the timeless houndstooth, check and overcheck patterns, along with bright and summery colors and your classic light and dark beige nuances. The materials range from fine English wools to a delicately iridescent solaro fabric.


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