Blooming Beauties

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Elevating women’s trousers with the subtle charm of delicate floral patterns and foliage motifs

Stylized flowers, soft leafy shapes and patterns that hint at the natural beauty of spring blooming have always been part of the feminine wardrobe, ever since the beginning of fashion. This season, we decided to delve into the colorful world of florals to add a graceful touch to our women’s pants.


The #1 rule of floral trousers is to let them steal the scene and shine.


Floral pants lend themselves to every kind of style and occasion, be it casual, smart casual or formal. There just one simple rule that you should keep in mind: as is the case with just about any kind of print patterns, floral pants require to be styled on the minimal side, paired with a pristine white chiffon shirt as well as with a contrasting solid color T-shirt, top or blazer.Speaking of footwear, whether it’s high heels or sneakers these exquisitely crafted beauties will always make you look sleek and sophisticated, even in a simple everyday outfit

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Floral pants can be sophisticated and contemporary.


“After women, flowers are the most lovely thing God has given to the world”, Christian Dior once said. And there is no denying the fact that anything floral instantly evokes grace and femininity. Yet floral patterns are not necessarily romantic or ‘girlish’: a modern design paired with a stylish cut can make a pair of floral pants absolutely glamorous. The seasonal collection from PT01 includes quite a few pieces that bring a breath of fresh air to floral patterns, from ton-sur-ton leafy prints, black & white flower motifs and ethereal blooms on a polished black background.



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